Most of our parts are designed to be fully adjustable and adjustable. So you don't have to worry about their size. If, however, you need more information, you can refer to the guide provided below.



The majority of our rings have an open part, which allows them to adjust to the size of your fingers. In the rare cases where they are not adjustable, you will find their size in the product description.

If you are having trouble knowing your ring size, you can use our ring sizer below. The ring sizer should be printed on A4 sheet with 100% scale.

Baguier à imprimer


  1. Take one of your rings that can be worn on the desired finger
  2. Place it on the circle that is closest to the circumference of your ring
    -If the circle is no longer visible you must look for a smaller circle
    -If the circle is smaller than your ring, you must look for a larger circle
  3. As soon as the circle corresponds correctly to your ring (the line of the ring sizer is still visible), you know which size to choose!

Correspondence of sizes

Tableau de correspondance bague



Most of our bracelets are adjustable, so you can customize their length to your liking.

To determine the size of a non-adjustable bracelet, you must first determine your wrist size and add 2cm to it.


  1. Wrap a piece of string or a strip of paper around your wrist, over the bone. (Do not tighten, do not add a centimeter)
  2. Mark the point where the two ends meet with a marker or pen
  3. Lay the string or strip of paper flat and then measure the length
  4. Report the length obtained in the table to find your bracelet size

 Mesurer son tour de poignetConnaitre sa taille de bracelet



The length of each necklace is specified in the product description. Some necklaces also have an extension chain which can vary their length.

Guide taille collier